Twenty Great Ways To Damage, Maim, and Kill Trees On Your Property While Building Your Dream House

  1. Take out the most vigorous and healthy trees
  2. Leave damaged trees with serious defects
  3. Leave suppressed trees
  4. Wound the trees you leave
  5. Compact the soil
  6. Change the grade
  7. Change the drainage patterns
  8. Kill the roots while trenching for utilities
  9. Excavate test pits near trees for septic drainfield "soil logs"
  10. Pave around the trees
  11. Store excavated soil around trees
  12. Stockpile construction materials around trees
  13. Dispose of chemicals and paint near trees
  14. Install extensive lawns and sprinkler systems
  15. Use the trees as fence posts
  16. Top the trees
  17. Clear and grade entire property (make sure all topsoil is hauled off)
  18. Pile and burn brush, limbs and stumps close to trees
  19. Plant English Ivy at base of trees
  20. Use herbicides generously

Available for download as a PDF.